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Property Industry – Building The Future with Digital Marketing

2020’s coronavirus outbreak changed the way we shop. Online shopping has expanded to include high-value items such as homes. Digital solutions can benefit buyers by providing an accessible platform to seek, research, and communicate with property sellers. They are valuable tools that make it easier for buyers and sellers to interact and navigate the property market.

67% of new generation homebuyers between ages 22 through 29, used developer websites to search for information. This group of consumers is known for their independent behavior. Because of this growing percentage, developers must leverage the power of the internet by promoting their projects online to help property seekers find and purchase their dream homes.

In this article, we will outline the benefits of digital marketing for the property industry and why industry experts predict that it is the future.

Digital Marketing Trends That You Can’t Ignore

Digital marketing specialists are a creative bunch, and as a result, our market is saturated with ever-changing trends. Good marketers have discovered unorthodox solutions that we use to predict accurate traffic, leads, and client response from a distance. At first, artificial intelligence and search engine optimization (SEO) were ambitious concepts. Now, these tools are top priorities because they help property sellers remain competitive in today’s landscape.

So, which digital marketing trends are a force to be reckoned with in 2020 and beyond?

Sleek & Smart Websites

An effective website allows potential home buyers to find information about your project without having to contact you to ask clarifying questions. This leads to less time spent on working with leads that are rather warm. A website is your brand’s identity and it has to serve your strategy from the start. Use digital solutions to market, agents to sell.


It is wrong to think that PropTech is merely the digitalization of the property sector. Fundamentally, it addresses questions of how we experience and create better value from real estate. Consumer experience is the heart of a home buying journey. PropTech helps sellers to tackle the biggest pain points in their businesses such as double-booking, response time, and currently – social distancing policies! Infra Design’s sister company – Infra Mobile Digital Sdn Bhd is an MSC status company that specializes in PropTech. Our in-house innovation, ProSales is one of the pioneer PropTech solutions in Malaysia. ProSales is a full-stack solution that solves real problems by streamlining property transactions from the ‘inquiry stage’ to mortgage loan pre-approval and property handover.

Omnichannel Marketing

Covering all aspects of advertising is crucial for reaching out to a larger audience. This does not mean massive advertising but rather achieving the synergy of online and offline elements. For example, billboard advertisements must lead audiences back to your website. If you are running an on-ground event, generate leads from social media to capture data and predict the turnout.

Digital Marketing Technology Boosts Sales

Today’s technology is a game-changer because it ensures that more people are reached and more sales are made. Property developers turn to digital marketing to survive COVID-19 because it continues to drive customer engagement. From managing new leads to completing successful sales, use these tips to improve your business:

Email Marketing

A personalized email can turn leads into clients. Provide company news, industry trends, and predictions to keep clients engaged. An accurate buyer profile can help you to segment emails to specific audiences. Keep your content relevant to the recipient. When it is relevant, it is more likely they will open the email to see what you have to say.

Google Advertising: Pay-Per-Click

Pay for the privilege of getting in front of your ideal prospect. PPC advertising allows you to target the right audience and it relates to the viewer’s genuine interest. But first, you need to understand who your customer is and how to use the targeting features on your chosen ad platform. Infra Design provides free consultation and proven strategies that improved our clients’ sales figures with PPC advertising.

Live-Streaming to Grow Online Brand Presence

Why live-streaming became the hot new “trend” in digital marketing? For viewers, live- streaming offers immediate gratification. These days, audiences have a shorter attention span because there are many things going on at the same time. Live-streaming such as webinars and virtual events are interactive mediums that help participants digest information faster. It is happening NOW and participants can engage with the content immediately which leads to increased brand awareness and lead generation.

Here are some live-streaming methods that can help you utilize this tool to boost your leads:

  • Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are integrated with FREE live streaming
  • Jump on the ‘virtual reality’ bandwagon. We organized a Facebook Live – Virtual Treasure Hunt + Live Tour of Serimba Terrace for Lion Group Property, and the event was a hit!
  • Get the most out of search engine optimization. Include relevant descriptions, titles, and hashtags to be at the top of search results.
  • Good content is important. Keep it entertaining and interactive by including user-driven question and answer sessions, exclusive deal offers, and more.

We will be organizing a virtual talk show series in July-September 2020. Find out more about this event in the section below.

Malaysian Property Outlook

“Property Outlook for 2020 and Beyond” is the place where you find REAL FACTS. This virtual talk show series is organized by Malaysian Property with the intention to regenerate our country’s property market. Featuring the industry’s leading voices that have spoken in seminars across Asia, we are expecting more than 30,000 views per session. Local and foreign investors are interested in Malaysia properties because of liberal policies, reasonable prices, and steady growth.

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