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3 Attributes of Successful Viral Videos

These days, you do not need a big budget to create videos. The best viral YouTube videos did not feature A-List Hollywood stars or expensive filmmaking equipment. An analytic company–Forrester Research made a comment that rings true today, “a single minute video could be worth 1.8 million words”. (source: Demand for visual content has been on the rise over the past few years because it helps brands to explain and share their ideas in a much simpler way. Many marketers are producing video content because they know it to be more engaging, emotional, and shareable. However, not all videos can win the attention of the viewers. In this article, we have a recent success story to share. Let’s find out how a standard video can become the talk of the town!

The Recipe for Viral Content

What we have learned from past successful viral videos is that they are usually funny, current, or emotional. Laughter is contagious, and it is an effective way to connect with your audience. A great producer will know how to make it work for the brand, and let your company’s personality shine through without giving the ‘hard sell’. Brush up on current trends and events to increase the odds of your content going viral. Topicality is crucial with viral promotion. You can sell more when the topic is trending because it means that there are already people who are interested in the subject. Online audiences are always searching for recent information. They will share your video if it is interesting and informative. Understand your online audience to learn how to leverage emotion and encourage them to act. A successful video will stir the emotions of its viewers, and when it does, they will share it with their friends and family.

A Viral Video’s Value Proposition

Videos can serve many purposes for your marketing plan. They are versatile because it works well in both long and short formats. You have the choice to film a long video and then snip it into different short versions. We can also present it as a standalone masterpiece or an ongoing series that unfolds over time. Brands use their video content on virtually any content platform. It can appear on your website, third-party sites such as YouTube, or during physical presentations and webinars. When it comes to reaching new crowds, you can share your viral video on social networks or from a personal mobile phone to another.

Perfecting the Art of Video Marketing

It is acceptable to shoot a video with your mobile phone, but audiences are becoming more critical of content quality. Many viewers are paying more attention to well-produced videos, and better production quality correlates with more trust. Production needs not to be world-class, but it is better to take the time to edit your content and adhere to the technical aspects. As we have mentioned above, marketers need to understand their audiences to create viral content. We need to analyze what type of content our customers enjoy and what will convince them to share the content too. Most audiences will share videos that invoke positive emotions, deliver value to their friends and family, and content that can make them look good. Run and test your video campaigns to find out more about your audience’s sharing preferences. Boost your video campaign from time-to-time with influencer marketing. If you want to go the extra mile, influencers can give your marketing strategy a powerful push. Pay attention to relevancy. Your company’s profile needs to be relevant to the influencer that you would like to engage in. It makes little sense to engage a supermom influencer to promote your content if you target millennial video gamers.

Auntie Chay’s Viral Video

Do you want to achieve more than 8,000 views for your video in 24 hours? Yes, that is what we did for JKG Land’s recent viral video featuring popular influencer “Auntie Chay”! Infra Design is a branding company that strongly believes in end-to-end solutions. The success of this viral video is not a fluke. Our creative team brainstormed a humorous storyline, the marketing team studied the audience’s preferences, and we sought-after the perfect main cast. The main objective for the video is to announce JKG Land’s The ERA @ Duta North’s Phase 2 launch. It successfully brought out the message while showcasing JKG Land’s superb customer service.

With today’s marketing technology, you can grow your marketing sphere through many mediums. A viral video can do more than a TV ad because it can help brands engage with a wider range of consumers. Contact us now if you would like to look for fresh ideas to give videos the contagious nature they need. Be an entertaining brand, engage with the public, and portray a message that people can identify with. Reach out to us now and let’s make customers fall in love with your business today.

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