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How 5G will impact our future daily lives

Almost the whole world knows the existence of 4G and a big majority of us are using it right now. 4G first came online in the early 2010s and became the fundamental technology on which the smartphone revolution was built on. It gave us wireless telecoms, social media, and so much more. Not to mention, it has contributed to the rise and importance of online advertising and digital marketing. Fast forward to today, 5G is here and will be made available in more cities soon. “2020 will be the year of scale of 5G,” Qualcomm’s Amon predicts. But how exactly will 5G impact our future daily lives? 1. Faster internet With a bigger ‘G’ comes faster internet. It is predicted that a HD movie can be downloaded in 10 seconds with 5G technology. This means good news for businesses that rely on the internet and marketing technology, like e-hailing services, delivery services, e-commerce, tech companies, and more. Furthermore, digital marketing and online advertising will also be amped up like never before, giving more opportunities for technological creativity. Operations can be smoother, faster, and more efficient with the presence of 5G. 2. Your smartphone will be the only thing you bring out E-wallets are slowly getting more popular and used in Malaysia. Soon, we won’t even have to bring our wallets out because everything from paying for food, entering your card-protected office, and unlocking your personal vehicle can be done with a smartphone. Just make sure it’s sufficiently charged when you leave the house! 3. AI will replace human customer service Some human-jobs will, unfortunately, be replaced with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Soon, AI technology will help us solve our customer service enquires, and not just with automated responses. In other words, it will have the ability to ‘talk’ to us like a normal human, solving our problems as if a human would. 4. Virtual doctors will be more accessible Doctors are incredibly valuable, but some people do not have access to them physically in case of emergencies. With 5G, it is predicted that virtual doctors will be more accessible to the masses. For instance, patients can be diagnosed and even treated from the comfort of their own home, although they’re hundreds of kilometers away from their doctors. 5. Interactive virtual training and school Children get excited when technology is introduced into the classroom. Therefore, they will benefit from 5G too with interactive virtual training and learning, making their learning experience more engaging and memorable! 6. Advanced real-time language translation services Most of us have experienced going to a foreign country and not understanding a word being spoken, right? It is predicted that 5G could help break barriers and have the power to translate conversations in real-time, therefore making communicating easier and more efficient. 7. Wearable AI technology Technology won’t just be at your fingertips, it will be all over your body too! Current wearable technologies include Apple Watches, FitBit, Google Glasses, and more. Above all, 5G will be able to elevate wearable technology to bring more convenience into our lives, like jewelry that can be used as an access card and more. As Huawei’s Steven Wu has appropriately put it, “4G changed lives. 5G will change society.” What do you think about 5G? Let us know in the comments! Want to know how 5G can help your digital marketing in the future? Don’t hesitate to talk to Infra Design today! Follow our FACEBOOK for more content like this.