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Digital Strategy To Build A Great Website

Build A Great Website with Marketing TechnologyBuild A Great Website with Marketing TechnologyWhether you are the owner of a huge corporation or small enterprise, having a functional digital strategy is essential in 2020. So, where do we start when building a successful digital marketing strategy? An engaging business website with accurate information and responsive design is the starting point of any digital marketing strategy. It doesn’t take a lot to create a great website, but as a webmaster who has worked on building websites for almost every type of business, there are a few key steps that can help your business website compete effectively in the digital world.

Branding - Positioning – A Good Domain NameBranding & Positioning – A Good Domain Name

Your website’s domain name, or in layman terms your website’s address should be memorable and available. Choose something that is related to your business, easy to say and remember. If your website’s domain name is complex, it will create a problem because it makes it harder for the potential to spell it out. It is the entry point to your online business identity so it must make a good impression for usability and online visibility purposes. Some of the things you should try to avoid are numbers, tricky spelling and hyphens. They tend to make your website’s domain name less elegant and memorable. Try to make it a .com domain name unless it is government, education, or organisation-related (.gov,.edu,.org). Do your research and see if a similar website address already exists online or contain any registered trademarks.

Digital Strategy – Find the Right Web HostDigital Strategy – Find the Right Web Host

A website host will offer the technology and support necessary for your website to be viewed online. Businesses can consider four types of web hosting. If budgets are low, you can consider a shared server hosting plan. It is the least secure because you share a server and resources with other customers. This will reduce the performance of your website and if another website on the shared server is hacked, it will also affect your website. Next, we have the dedicated server hosting plan. This is the best choice if you want a high-performing site that will stand the test of time. The physical server machine is entirely dedicated to your website. The virtual private server (VPS) is a love child of the dedicated and shared server. It is more affordable than the dedicated server, but more secure than shared servers.  It is one machine that is partitioned to act as multiple machines. Finally, we have the cloud hosting plan. As a hybrid version of the VPS, it also comes with multiple servers, but they are all remote. Each server is tasked with a different responsibility, and if one of it is compromised, the other servers on the network will take over its responsibilities. The biggest advantage of a cloud hosting plan is it reduces a website’s unexpected downtime because of server errors. Regardless of which hosting plan, you must ensure that the company provides excellent customer support. It is crucial that your hosting company provides phone/chat support to help you resolve problems quickly.

Increase Visibility with SEOIncrease Visibility with SEO

Many businesses cannot understand that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs to be built into the web design process and not added in later. We must make sure that a search engine can crawl the website and understand what it is offering to increase the website’s visibility in the digital landscape. Search engines must be able to read the content of your website, hence the main content of it should be text-based. Be sure to use clear language about what your business does so the search engine can comprehend your offering. Besides that, you need internal links that the search engine can crawl. Use search engine directives and tools like XML sitemaps to help the search engine discover new pages. Google spends millions of dollars to improve their search engine algorithms. They continue to impress internet users because their search engine shows relevant search results. If you want your website to rank well, you need to prove to Google that your content applies to what people are looking for.

CRM Lead ManagementCRM Lead Management

When we build an effective website, we ultimately want to achieve high website traffic. The larger the number of site visitors, the more chances you get to increase conversion and turn them to become paying customers. By integrating a CRM lead management software with your website, you can track your leads and prospects by analysing their behaviour. Get notifications for active leads and contact them when they are ready to buy. CRM lead management can also reduce time spent on administrative work such as data entry. Your sales team can concentrate and excel in what they do best–sell! An important feature that you should look out for in a CRM lead management software is how it can be fully functional inside Outlook365 or G-Mail. We do most correspondence with customers via emails. A functional CRM lead management software can create email templates or follow-up email sequences that you could access directly from your inbox to increase productivity.

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