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How To Build A Digital Strategy & MarTech Roadmap

A successful leader knows that a digital strategy and MarTech roadmap serves as a guide for the company during its journey to achieve desirable results. It helps them to keep their eyes on the horizon by recognizing and acting on matters that require a change of direction. Digital transformation has been a priority for many businesses because of its potential to deliver better business values.Because of this factor, a digital strategy roadmap that includes marketing technology (MarTech) must focus on short to medium-term initiatives. It must answer the following questions: What are the goals? How can we achieve these goals? What are the costs? How long is it going to take? How do we track performance and ROI? In this article, we will help you get a clear idea of the direction you should take and how a digital strategy roadmap can fit within your business ecosystem.

How To Build A Digital Strategy & MarTech Roadmap

Digital Marketing Strategy Consultancy

Seek professional advice from digital marketing strategy consultants before you take the first step to digital transformation. Not every marketing technique may fit it in your strategy and that is why digital marketing experts can help you evaluate, optimize, and develop solutions that best fit your business structure. Businesses must identify how they want to position themselves in the digital space and then develop methodologies. Digital marketing agencies can offer you multiple perspectives as an outsider. This means that they can see things with more clarity and objectivity. Time is money and engaging a consultant can help businesses to solve problems faster. A reputable digital marketing agency can measure profitability from your marketing performance indicators to ensure that your business achieves a good return on investment.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

For any plans to be successful, we must not fail at execution. Make it a priority to think of your digital marketing roadmap as a living and growing entity. Good marketers will monitor and analyze updates based on how things are going in real-time. No matter how great your strategy is–if you can’t put it into action, there’s no way you can achieve your goals. In 2020, 97% of people search for products and services on the Internet. We like to keep things simple, so here are five execution strategies that you need to pay attention to: (source:

  1. Make sure that consumers can find your website online because it is your brand’s identity in the digital age.
  2. Your website needs to be fast, secure, and mobile-friendly. In 2019 there were 3,986 million unique mobile internet users.(source:
  3. Build a strong collection of great digital content.
  4. Stay in touch with customers using online communication channels. Get to know them better because customers love businesses that are seeking to understand them more.

Measure MarTech ROI

Measure Digital Strategy & MarTech ROI

Technological advances are changing the world, and they move at lightning speed. Marketing technology (MarTech) can help businesses to stay ahead of their competitors when it is properly implemented and understood. What businesses need to learn is how to measure which activities should be attributed to marketing technology. An effective MarTech stack will improve your sales funnel velocity because it can convert leads into actual customers. It must align teams, tools, and channels to move prospects down the sales funnel, and enhance productivity. Another way to determine the ROI of your MarTech stack is how much productivity gains have it created within the content operation. It should help your marketing team to produce more content in less time or more content with fewer creators. The timeframe to prove the ROI of marketing technology investments is subjective because it depends on your marketing priorities and goals. We encourage marketers to explore the best way to benefit from a certain technology while assessing the cost and needs for it.

Optimise Online Brand Presence

Optimize Online Brand Presence

Online presence is the sum of everything that prospects and customers can find about your business on the Internet. Businesses must spend time and have a systematic approach to build a powerful presence. Everything is within your span of control because you have the choice to personify your brand’s identity. It is important to optimize your website to make sure it loads quickly, has a great user interface, and contains updated information. Content needs to be interesting on your website and social media pages. Engaging visuals are eye-catching and they can make a real impact. When you have established a strong online presence, consumers will acknowledge your brand as an authority in your industry and this increases your company’s credibility.

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