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MarTech Malaysia: Infra Design Webinar Series

How do we get our message across when social distancing policies are in place? Our industry friends responded well to our idea on using webinars for knowledge sharing to maintain marketing relevance. COVID-19 did not stop the world from moving; in fact, it accelerated our efforts in designing a “smarter” world.

Webinar as A Digital Marketing Tool

When the first sporadic case happened in Malaysia, as a marketing agency we knew the importance of keeping abreast of the latest developments in the COVID-19 outbreak. We foresee the cancellation of events such as product launches to avoid mass gatherings of people. Businesses will disconnect from their customers, so what should we do to maintain the engagement?

Because of this inevitable crisis, we started to take a deep dive into what virtual events are and how they can help businesses. Infra Design is a reputable digital marketing agency for property-related clients. We first approached reputable speakers related to the property industry to join our MarTech webinar series.

With the rapid advancement of technology, virtual events can be a robust marketing tool. Throughout our MarTech webinar series, we managed to generate leads for the speakers’ companies and position them as industry experts.

Online Marketing vs. Offline Marketing?

Why spend most of your advertising & promotion budget on ONE major event? The potential costs of organizing a physical event can be daunting because of multiple overheads. Hosting a virtual event can provide many of the same benefits and it is more convenient for your participants to attend. What’s more, participants have the opportunity to get more involved and ask questions about your presentation by stating their inquiries in the virtual event space’s chatbox. At physical events, they need to put up their hands and hope to get the speaker’s attention. You may miss out on a potential lead if you did not notice the participant. Our webinar captured all the participants’ details to be developed as qualified leads. Here’s another tip for you – thank participants for attending the virtual event by extending exclusive offers to increase conversion rates.

Cross-Platform Power: Facebook Marketing

As of March 2020, Facebook boasts more than 2.6 billion monthly active users. The King of Social Media caters to businesses that want to build an authentic relationship with their audience. Marketers have been using Facebook to distribute quality content to their followers. Participants were provided with a Zoom webinar link to join Infra Design’s MarTech series. To increase exposure on the webinars, we allowed the public to watch and comment on Facebook Live too. Webinars are most effective in the middle of the sales funnel, once the audience has gotten to know your brand a little bit more. “Facebook as an advertising platform” is the strategy we use for driving webinar registrations, to capture the attention of prospects at the top of the sales funnel. We promote each webinar with Facebook’s sophisticated targeting capabilities. On the 21st of June 2020, we executed a Virtual Treasure Hunt at Serimba Terrace – Lion Group Property’s upcoming project. More than 50 sets of prizes were offered to drive more interest, enthusiasm, and participation at the virtual event. The main objective of this virtual event is to showcase Serimba Terrace online when home buyers are unable to visit the sales gallery because of social distancing policies.

Save Money! Webinars for Video Marketing

Videos are all the rage in today’s marketing world! Recommended as a powerful communication tool, it is effective in reaching target audiences. Webinars are a great tool to support your video marketing strategy. If you have only started to dip your toes into online marketing, don’t spend additional money on producing video advertisements. Just use the webinar recording as your video marketing content.

Visit our YouTube channel for videos of webinars organized and recorded by our tech-savvy team:

Digital Marketing Malaysia – Most Trusted Voices

To give you a flavor of our webinars/virtual talk shows, check out this list of past speakers and topics we have covered:

Mr. Soma Sundram – CEO of MIEA (Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents)
Mr. Soma joined our virtual property roundtable discussion right after attending a meeting with the country’s Finance Minister and Housing Minister. Immediately, he shared some salient points from his meeting with our viewers.

Mr. Charles Tan – Founder & Executive Editor of
The founder of one of Malaysia’s most popular independent property blog is an international sales trainer for over 10 years. Charles specializes in ‘Handling Objections Effectively’ and he patiently taught our viewers the difference between selling the benefits vs. the features of a product.

Mr. Chris Tan – Corporate Real Estate Lawyer & Writer
Recipient of the Prestige “Top 40 under 40” (Top Outstanding Young Malaysian Award). Chris shared his crucial insights on current and future situations to help businesses prepare for a reboot strategy post COVID-19.

Property Outlook for 2020 and Beyond

From July-September 2020, we will be organizing one of the most comprehensive and exciting virtual talk show series in the market! The objective of this event is to provide up-to-date information about the Malaysian property market. Some of the burning questions that our reputable speakers will answer are:

What is happening with construction? Will upcoming projects adhere to completion time?
Should we take advantage of low-interest rates now?
PENJANA incentives – how does it benefit home buyers and property developers?
What solutions and support can help us tackle emergencies like the COVID-19 crisis?

If you are interested to join us as a speaker, contact us now for a FREE consultation. Otherwise, we hope to see you there as a participant, virtually!

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